Sunday 13 February 2011

a bit more exciting

A while ago I made this, thinking maybe for the BQL skinny wall quilt swap.  I made this one because the first one was too small, and this one is actually no better (they are supposed to be about A3 size)
This evening I was 'helping' Brian finish Lisa's floor, and the landing floor (this means I was on call for hooving and an extra pair (LOL) of hands when needed) and I decided to have a go at another skinny hanging.  I haven't really enjoyed free motion quilting as I've had problems with tension, but I had a new foot that I hadn't tried and figured I'd give it a go, and I could always hide the back!

Well it went really well, so I kept going, and now I have this piece.  
It's pieced and quilted (all raw edge applique), and the back of the quilting is as neat as the front - yay, I love my new foot :-)  The scene is based on the one I did for my Aunt's 90th, but doesn't have the cottage and the boat house on it.  As this is meant to be night (I ran out of day-time-sky fabric LOL) I think the yellow cottage would look out of place, so for now it's just a moon lit beach.  If you click on the picture you can see it enlarged, and one more click will zoom in further.

Anyway, the point is that I have started this for the swap, and whilst I would be disappointed if neither of the other two were picked by anyone, I'd be gutted if this one wasn't, but that's because I love what this represents, and really why should anyone else be interested?

Ho hum.  I shall ponder this while I sleep!


  1. I think you must be pleased to have made this skinny, and if you put it for the challenge, you will get something new, different and inspiring hopefully. But then it might be nice to keep this one and remember your success.

  2. I really like BOTH of these. I obviously recognise Nesodden, but it looks realy good without buildings as well. Your Mum xxx

  3. YES, JIPPII!!! I'm so hapy for you with your new job! I wish I could join your class!
    I love your latest quilts! You have made the whole view of nature just with some 'triangles' and with right colours and motive they look like water, grass etc!!! I love the other one also with the night sky! Painting with the fabric!!!
    Have a lovely time! Teje


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