Monday 14 February 2011

SLIK Stitches goes freelance

Well I'm in shock - but delighted.

I have been booked to teach "Fun With Fabric" at Chertsey Museum for one Friday a month for 12 months ... and, what's more ... they are going to PAY ME!!!!!!


Sorry no photos, but you can picture me ... I am doing a happy dance, and now (deep breath), I need to go and lay down in a darkened room as I'm feeling a bit giddy and over excited!


  1. WOW!!! Happy dance for you too! What fun will you be teaching? Is it children or adults?

  2. Brilliant! Lovely news - I hope that all your students at the Museum have a wonderful time learning and playing!

  3. Well done Benta I'll join you in the happy dance, I am thrilled for you.


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