Tuesday 22 February 2011

Want a Giggle?

As I've mentioned here before, I am going to go free-lance for a year from July: teaching sewing and crafts at (hopefully) a local library, museum, children's centre and church hall.  I may not be able to make a living at it, but a recent inheritance has allowed me to give it a try without jeopardising the mortgage payments!
I went to the bank to open a business account, and the advisor suggested 3rd party Liability insurance.  It's not a bad idea, so she phoned the broker to get a quote.  One of the questions was whether I traded with USA or Canada.  Well, I do sell about one embroidery design a month through ETSY, and yes a number of those sales go to USA.
Husband is an odd job (handy) man.  He works with plumbing, electrics, power tools etc, all of which are higher risk (you would think) than my pins and needles, occasional hot glue gun, and of course $2 PED designs emailed to USA.
Husband's premium is £170 pa, mine (and I had to ask the man to repeat it 3 times) would be seven hundred and thirty one pounds and forty seven pence .. why so high?  Because I trade with USA!!!


  1. Oh yes, I've heard of this ... it's just ridiculous! Just because you might sell a pattern to the USA - what harm could an embroidery design do to somebody? Sigh ... some things I will never understand ;-))

  2. I'd go to another broker and not tell him of the USA sales! Absolute rip off just for trying to do the right thing.


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