Wednesday 23 February 2011

Long post - lots of stuff :-)

I've been working on the to-do list today, and have a few thing crossed off:  I have done 5 t-shirts for a friend's sons and their friends who are doing a sponsored cycle ride to raise money to buy games for the children's ward at the local hospital.  Harry is diabetic, and Adam had meningitis earlier this year, so they know the shortcomings of the children's ward VERY well!
Then I did a few more blocks for Hilary's tactile quilt.  This spiral is machine embroidered in a rope motif which feels really nice to my fingers and I know Hilary's fingers are much more sensitive then mine
This block uses 5mm fusible bias tape
and this one is folded flying geese
Then I finished a flag I've been working on.  Friends have a real flagpole in their garden (Phil puts up the Norwegian flag when he knows I'm coming round!) and we made a flag for Natalie's 21st a few years ago, and now #2 is coming up for his 21st!  Somehow I got conned into making this - Liz has a far fancier embroidery machine herself, but there you go!
 I struggled to put the flag somewhere to photograph it, but I think a solution may be on the horizon (pardon the pun....)  As I look out of my bedroom window, I see lots of sheds in Dales' garden.  He stores books in them, which he sells on-line. 
But wait a minute ... what is that to the left of the log cabin?  (It's OK, you don't need to zoom in, I've done it for you).  He seems to be building a look-out post. 
(Maybe so if the Thames floods he can look out for pirates??)  Actually I'm not too bothered about the "why" question - my immediate thought was that it would be ideal to hang quilts from so they could be photographed!

My last task today was related to a tapestry the school has been asked to do. We are one of a number of schools making a 1m x 1m tapestry of our local area.  These will all be joined together and will be part of the Olympic celebrations.  My friend Jane has been given the job, and came to ask me for ideas.  The kids are expected to plan the work and to decorate the tapestry, which is based on rug canvas.  I thought that fabric strips could be woven (using plastic craft needles) through the canvas giving a watery effect.  I'm sure it will work for tree trunks, leaves etc too.

Good grief, what a long post !!!


  1. Your talents are boundless! And having a far fancier embroidery machine doesn't mean it's used to it's proper capacity. I can vouch for that one (blush).

  2. You make my 'busy' look like laziness!


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