Sunday 20 February 2011

What a week!

This has been a busy week, and an even busier weekend - but that was partly my fault for putting all the free-lance work and volunteering in the same weekend!

On Saturday I ran the Fun with Fabric course at Windsor Library, and got all the class started on a two colour rail fence block.  We looked at English paper piecing, and foundation piecing, and moved onto easier ideas, and I introduced them to rotary cutters and self healing boards!

They all chose two fabrics and cut some 2.5 inch strips and have gone home with a stack of strips and 'homework' to make 15 or so rail fence blocks.

Saturday afternoon was at Church - we had five of us there.  I got on with lining the old stoles, while Beryl, Debbie and June all tried to teach Lisa how to crochet!  Beryl also has started some rail fence blocks!

In the evening I did this sample for Chertsey Museum and for Windsor Fire Station craft centre.
I had great fun finding things I could weave, and I think the kids will too.
 I have also tried this idea of weaving using a paper plate.  I think it's too slow moving for kids to get much from, but Kate pointed out that this could be adapted to go with our Poppy theme for the new children's Centre
This brings me to Sunday - after church there was time for a quick lunch then I was helping Kate at the Natural History Museum ... in Eton!  Yes there is a little N H M outpost just 5 miles from here, and it's free!  Kate had run a treasure hunt for kids, but I had a great time too, and then I came home to work on an embroidery for her.

The new Broom farm Children's Centre has it's official opening next week.  Just two week's notice, and the manager is away for one of those weeks, so I'm helping get crafts and displays reading for the great and the good next week.  Kate has asked me to do an embroidered plaque, so that was this evening's task.

The craft has been planned and I'll take photos of that later when it exists, but the embroidery needs to be frames, so I needed to get a move on with that.  This photo is a shot of the computer screen, but you can see the logo and the colours. 
 And here are two parts of the embroidery.  I'll join them together and add some wadding, then Kate can take it to a framer, and hopefully it will be ready in time.  (The colours are more vivid than shown in the photo)


  1. Wow! You packed I a lot!! I hope you have a chance for a breather this week sometime. Take care! Ax

  2. Dear Benta, you have been busy! You have wonderful ideas for your classes! I hope you enjoy them!
    xxx Teje

  3. My dear busy girl!!! I'm sure the kids at the Library had fun, and the poppies have come out really well and will look great framed. You should be proud of yourself. LOL from your Mum x

  4. Benta, I'm shattered just reading this!!! Well done on the freelancing at the museum, fab.

    Yo yos are in the post to you today, hope you can use them.


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