Tuesday 22 February 2011

Blogging Awards

In the lovely world of blogging there are some lovely people, and there are some people who are very tardy in acknowledging their loveliness.  Sadly, I am in the second group. :-(

Recently Teje and her Alsatian Nero, over at Nero's Post and Patch Blog, AND Hadley over at the bizarrely named Flying Blind on a Rocket Cycle Blog have very kindly awarded me two different awards, and I have only just got around to acknowledging the award, and thanking them - So thank you Nero and Teje, and Hadley.

I now have to tell you some things about me, and then nominate some other blogs for the awards ...

  • The first thing I think I need to tell you about me is  that I do not have the technical ability to post the award Logos here - what a dunce!
  • Second:  My family all have assorted quilts that I have made them (mum, mother-in-law, daughters, cats, niece and nephew all have at least two quilts or blankets) , but we don't have one on our bed, but my mum is knitting one for us
  • I am scared and excited about going freelance, teaching crafts and sewing, but very excited to have the opportunity.
  • I LOVE boxes and having places to put things.  I have a huge collection of boxes, and love the philosophy of "a place for everything and everything in its place" ... but I'm still untidy
  • I have loads of things on my too-do list, and yet I sit here at the computer reading blogs and adding to mine!
Now for the blogs I think you should visit ... Two of my blogging friends have become real friends too, as they live just half an hour away by train ... please go have a look at Plum's blog, and at Avril's to see what they've been up to.

In the virtual world, how can I choose ... Go and make yourself a cuppa, and then go for a trip around the world.  Go and see Wilma at her blog, and Beth at Love Laugh Quilt (see what Beth has done with some house blocks I couldn't see a use for!) and Nelly at Nelly's Junk Drawer.  I also recommend Malia at Yesterday on Tuesday (love the blog name) and Sue at her blog , and the aptly named Not Enough Time To Craft blog.  Jo at Bear Paw has some great ideas, and Victoria needs to remember that even if she doesn't have time to live up to She's Crafty, she still should be posting regular photos of that gorgeous baby!!!  Finally, Beate who is taking a break from crafting, but has some awesome photos, and Amo,also have very enjoyable blogs

Phew! (but any of the others shown on the left are worth a vist if you still have some of you tea left!!!)


  1. Thank you for mentioning me on your blog! Its so kind.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Good Morning Benta! What a lovely post! I'm here with my coffee and will visit all your friends. You have made so many quilts - vow! I'm happy for you to try freelance with crafts. Good Luck!
    xxx Teje and Nero

  3. Thanks for mentioning me in your blog. I am so glad we "met". Wish I lived in traveling distance....


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