Sunday 13 February 2011

Not very exciting

Not a very exciting weekend - I've embroidered a company logo onto 30 polo shirts, and Brian's put new floors and shelves in Lisa's room

I did however, clean out the fluff from inside the sewing machine (yuck!)
 Niki went to London and spent some time with Lisa... and brought back this awesome postcard for me.  Thank you Lisa, I LOVE it!!!


  1. I don't know what to say!! I think I better hoover my machine out - I cleaned my rotary cutter today and that was bad enough!

  2. It's an icky job but good to do regularly. I just have to convince myself that there really is no use for the fluff!! Lol!

    Lovely postcard too.

  3. You have to watch it or Lisa is going to 'overtake' you at some time in the future. Considering she's doing it all by hand, she's amazing. Me again - lots of love xxx

  4. Love the way your blog is laid out. I will be a regular reader now.


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