Thursday 31 March 2011

Baby blanket (nightmare)

We've lived in our house for 24 years, and there are a few families still in the road who were here before us.  The first friends we made were Pat and Paul, and their daughter Samantha, who later became big sister to Danielle.  Sam is mum to 4, and Danielle had just had her first baby.  When Sam asked if I could embroider the baby's name onto a blanket, of course I said yes ... then I saw the blanket
I really didn't want to embroider direct onto the blanket, as the stitches would just become straight lines every time they hit those holes.

So I stitched his name onto fleece
and stitched the fleece onto the blanket - phew!

Now I can get on with the patchwork for him from us!

(and another two block lotto blocks :-)


  1. Good one. They can add to it too, when the next one comes along that is.

  2. Hello Benta! You have had quite challenging works ... but you find perfect way to make the name for the blanket! Have a lovely time! Teje

  3. That looks good! Well done.

  4. Dear Benta,
    These D4P blocks have found their way to my home. Thank you so much. I love the red/dark combination. Thanks also for the cute scissors fobs. I know which scissor is which, but my husband doesn't. I remember you as a lucky first time winner in December, and am glad you are continuing with the group. Sophie picks interesting blocks to experiment with. Best wishes and enjoy the royal wedding next week. We'll all be watching too. Kathie Laposata


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