Thursday 10 March 2011


that's how I'm feeling, bleugh :-(

It meant I couldn't be bothered to post about a lovely silk workshop I went to at my friend Sarah's house (thank you Jacqui) where I made this
and this

and this,

with dying the silk "hankies" in the microwave and then stretching them and pinning them to a board and painting a watery gluey stuff.  I think this will look good on a white canvas board on Lisa's wall

I managed to order some fabrics, and while the thought of them arriving did nothing to cheer me up, the sight of the package in the postman's hands did help a bit.  They are going to be big pinwheels, and have no particular destination in mind, they are just because I LOVE the fabrics - Moda's "Girl's Best Friend".

I have however managed to make two blocks for the March Block Lotto, and a baby one for a postcard for Lisa.  These are disappearing 4 patches (or D4P)
Yet again I'm having to work 5 afternoons at the after school club, but roll on next week when I'll just do three, and car start late on Tuesday, so no alarm clock mornings for 11 days!


  1. Hello Benta! Vow that look lovely, interesting and exiting work! All the fabrics are really beautiful! I just returned from town - no hope to find any fabric from here, so next time I need something it has to be from internet. I love you D4P:s - they look so familiar because my cutting table has now many days red and white!
    Sunny wishes from Teje
    Ps. How great you don't need to wake up early many days!

  2. Hi Benta
    I love the silk pieces,am glad the postman cheered you up cause if that hadnt worked I would be really worried about you, and might have to take a trip over to get yoy sorted!!

  3. Very pretty things. What's the opposite of being blue? Yellow? You need to be that color, whatever it is....

  4. No wonder you fell in love with the Moda fabrics - they look lovely. And 11 days without the alarm clock on in the morning sounds lovely too! Enjoy. LOL Your Mum x


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