Wednesday 16 March 2011

Making Hexis

Hexagons are probably what non- patchworkers think of if you mention patchwork.  The traditional Grandmother's Flower Garden made up of hundreds (thousands?) of tiny hexagons - usually one in the middle of six, surrounded by 12, to represent a flower, joined to the next flower and to the next.

I do generally feel that life is too short for stuff like this, but every so often there is a reason to try something new.  I thought that a hexi block would be suitable for Hilary's textured quilt.  I did look at buying pre-cut hexi templates from ebay, but with P&P they became too expensive, so I found who offer separeated hexis in a choice of sizes, and who offer joined hexis.  (I've tried the separated ones so far, they are more bother to cut out, but may be more accurate)

So: I've cut the hexagons, and I punch two holes for the pin, and pinned each one to a square cut from a 2.5 inch jelly roll, and then trimmed the corners

I folded one fabric edge along the edge of the card template, and started tacking in the middle of this side, from the back.  Needle to the front then to the back just before the corner.  Fold down side two of the fabric, and bring the needle down into the fold, to the front, and back just before the corner.  Carry on.  Because we started in the moddle of the first side, it is possible to have all the folds layong clockwise (or anti clockwise)
 Voila, one hexi.  Once these have been whipped or ladder stitched together I can remove the card templates and use them again
These will be joined in a flat arrangement to make an 8 inch block for the texture quilt, but I am also going to copy Hadley's idea, and make a child's ball (or dodecahedron apparently, thank for the maths lesson Hadley) out of bigger hexagons and brighter fabric.

I've also finished another texture block - folded nine patch.  I struggled with the instructions in the book, so sort of made it up as I went along.  I love the block, but I think it wastes loads of fabric.  Thank you Jackie for sending me the strips from your jelly roll - much appreciated!


  1. You should check out Sarah at - she's the maths genius - and she has some fab flickr pics. Obviously she didn't tell me she had a ball tutorial until I'd finished!!

  2. More great ideas there, Benta - I love the idea of the folded patchwork for the texture quilt.
    I think that you might need to cut out another shape for the ball - usually the simplest balls are made from pentagons - let me know if you'd like me to look for my homemade template......

  3. I'm glad you put the fabric to good use,the rest is sewn in strips waiting in the "I must sew that tomorrow pile!"

  4. I love the hexis, I have made a few attempts to do them but always lose heart after I have tacked them! No staying power I guess LOL!


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