Sunday 13 March 2011

Done some sewing :-)

Today I've finished three black bin bags full of fleeces to be embroidered, I've made pinwheel blocks from the batiks and arranged them, and I've arranged the Arnold's Attic vanishing 9 patch blocks (the ones in the earth colours)

I've pinned the two patchworks in strips, and I'll need to sew them fairly promptly as I've only got 4 pins left!  My bed is fairly high which is great for pinning, but rubbish for getting photos of blocks!

(Now that I've got Windows 7 I cant seem to turn these photo, so please feel free to tip your head to the left if it helps!)

So these are the pinwheel blocks
and these are the vanishing 9 patch blocks
My Poppies opening ceremony plaque was shown in the local papers: two photos of the plaque, one including the lady Mayor, and none of anything else.  A bit of a result for me, but a shame for the organisers and all the mums and kids who turned up
and a final photo is of the lovely sunset that I saw when I was upstairs pinning the blocks
Now I have a busy week coming up: 5 hour, 9 hour and 6 hour days at school at the beginning of the week, and then  teaching at the museum, at the library and at the church at the end of the week.  Added to this we lose access to the sitting room tomorrow morning for 4 days while the new floor is laid, and sometime I need to get something for Brian's birthday on Saturday.  Ho hum.  Of course I will NEED to do some sewing if only to get my pins back!!!


  1. I love the two quilts especially the pin wheels. Your week sounds like mine except I cant sew as I am studying for exam tomorrow and assignments need to be done by Friday! Best get off the computer than!!

  2. Hello Benta! You have made so wonderful quilt tops! I love both of them! I was laughing with your advice to turn our heads!
    xxx Teje

  3. Love the pinwheel spread on your bed, as well as the vanishing 9 patch, and your sunset photo is lovely! LOL from Your Mum xxx


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