Thursday 17 March 2011

Off Topic - new sitting room floor

On Monday my sitting room looked like this... (self leveling compound)
On Tuesday it looked like this (damp proof course)
 On Wednesday it had another coat of red stuff

 But today it looks like this
and if you get down on your hands and knees, it looks like this :-)
 Ahhhhh - contented sigh

 Oh, and my hexis look like this 

(and thanks to Plum for pointing out that hexis will NEVER make a ball - pentagons will though! LOL)


  1. How nice to have a sitting room floor after all this time, and it looks really nice! Thanks for your call! Lots love xxx

  2. The floor looks lovely!

    Don't you be blaming me for all the hexi-business!! I'm so jealous that yours are so neat and crisp looking - my 'pentagons' looked like they had been folded and tacked by one of my 4 year olds in mittens!

  3. Looking good! Luuurve wood floors.

    I knew there was something wrong about the hexi balls but couldn't put my finger on it!! Thank Plum too.

  4. Your floor is great, I also put hard wood floor in the living room. Wood is great. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens to the hexagons.

  5. Hi Benta! That floor is wonderful and the colour so great!
    Vow you are on difficult sewings ... those tiny hexies and that other block in your last post!
    Have a lovely week! xxx Teje


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