Saturday 26 March 2011

Stolen Stitches

Not the sort of stolen that means the police were called - the sort where I got some stitching done in non-stitching time!!!

We went to Thorpe park today, as a family birthday trip for great niece Emily (who turned 11 at the beginning of the month), and her dad's girlfriend (and our Au pair 16 years ago), Slavka, whose birthday was on Thursday.  We had a great day, but I don't enjoy many of the rides, so I took my little bag of hexies, and sat sewing and chatting while waiting for the brave ones to have their ride.  I've finished the texture flower, and am going to applique this to a plain block
I also started 8 hexies for a pincushion.  I got these tacked, but the 8th one was a different size template (oops) so I have un-tacked it and pressed the fabric flat and will get on with that tomorrow hopefully.
Apart from that, nothing much creative as we were out from before 9am to about 6, and were exhausted!  I've got two back drops for school to repair tomorrow, and then I might get something pretty under way if I am inspired.  For now, I'm off to bed, but I am delighted that I have remembered that Jackie at Chertsey's applique was a cupcake - phew!

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  1. I made an oversized hexie pin cushion last year. Was the first time I did them, they were fun.


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