Friday 23 December 2011

Merry Christmas to all (but no Christmas dinner)

Just a brief post to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and all the best for 2012.  Thanks especially to all who commented on the previous post - the bags are in their envelopes waiting for me to go to the post office, early next week.

I had an email conversation recently with the Littliest Thistle, Katy, about embroidery (have you seen the blocks she embroidered for her dad's quilt gorgeous) and mentioned that I hadn't done embroidery by hand for ages - sorry Katy I lied, look what I just found . . . my Christmas Cross stitch project

Sister In Law gave me this years and years ago, and I work on it a little bit each Christmas. When finished it will go into a house shaped frame, a bit like a dolls house

The other part of the post title may be explained by this photo of my kitchen
We planned to move the kitchen around sometime, but it would appear that NOW is the time.  Although to be fair, these is never much danger of a Christmas dinner at my house - we graze all day instead!

Merry Christmas ALL!!!!


  1. You lied?! Hock, shorror! So, err, how many years have you been working on this? I'm just trying to work out how long it'll be before I see the final thing ;o)

    Happy kitchen moving/grazing!

    And Merry Christmas to all :o)

  2. Oh Benta your kitchen is the excuse I need not to cook!

    Have a super Christmas xxx

  3. As long s the Christmas spirit is there the rest does not matter! Have a great time stitching then Benta and grazing!

  4. Merry Christmas!! Hope you have a good one, even without a kitchen!

  5. Happy Christmas!
    Your kitchen is the perfect excuse not to cook!

  6. Hi! That looks like you can enjoy Christmas dinner some where else! Merry Christmas! xxx Teje

  7. Merry Christmas to YOU! I don't know where I've been, but, I just barely noticed that you are in a different "blog place" then where I originally found you... =) I just put your new blog link on my, things are all back to "normal"...well, except meeee! I'm not ever going to be normal, no matter how hard I try =P


  8. Oh Benta - how could you have such a perfect holiday and return to that? I shall have to give it a go next year if it means no cooking!!
    Happy times to you and yours Benta xx

  9. I'm not sure that I'd have the patience to have the house covered in Christmas decs and a kitchen move to contend with! I hope that your day of grazing was merry and fun filled and that you are well on the way to having the kitchen of your dreams!


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