Friday 30 December 2011

Where did that week go?

Gosh, suddenly it's New Year's Eve eve, and I don't seem to have done much apart from veg in front of the TV, eat, and drink!

Christmas Day was very civilised: both girls slept until about 10am, and then it took longer than I expected to get from this

to this

 I had some lovely craft spoils:

 This scrummy scarf from the lovely Jackie

This craft bag and these goodies from my BQL Secret Santa - I couldn't photograph the bag to show how fab it is, but it has six pockets around the outside, and six sections on the base all for crafty bits and pieces

This goodies were a wall hanging from Jackie (Let it snow) Handmade Nation book from another BQL Secret Santa, and the fab pin cushion from the lovely Plum 

I also received this scarf from First Born Daughter - thank you Lisa, I love it!


  1. Hi Benta, looks like the girls had a great time - love the colourful scarf. How did the kitchen go?

  2. Oooh, lots of yummy goodies there, enjoy!

  3. Hi Benta! What a wonderful presents! I think every week where the week or even month went...I think this week is really good to spend just like you did! Relax and enjoy your family! Happy New Year! xxx Teje

  4. Very nice gifts!! Here's to a great and productive 2012!!!


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