Saturday 31 December 2011

More Christmas Pressies

We stretch our Christmas out over a couple of days, and after I had posted pics of crafty pressies yesterday, I remembered that they were the Christmas Day pressies, but I was lucky enough to get some more on Boxing day:

These lovely summery fabrics were from Secret Santa (Thank you Slavka (Niece #1), I know it was you)

And these goodies were a belated Birthday Pressie from Anna (Niece #2) who confessed she had a lovely time choosing goodies in TheClothStore in Horsham

I think both girls have a hitherto un-discovered interest in fabrics and sewing, so I am working on them to come to the dark (and light and medium values) side!


  1. Great gifts you got, now what are you going to make?
    Happy New year!!

  2. Bwahahaha, you will suck them in... ;o)

  3. Yep, suckered!!

    Happy New Year Benta xxx

  4. You have family near Horsham Benta! The cloth Store is my local shop too!


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