Wednesday 14 December 2011

a stitch in time . . .

 . . .  saves me from getting bored!

I've done a fair bit of sewing while I've been in Oz, and have just realised that I haven't shown you any:

Jackie sent me a half-made Christmas tree last year - and  I hadn't got around to finishing it.  Still not actually finished, but  lot closer ...

It may be difficult to see what it is, and what I've done, so: imagine 4 tree shapes cut out of Christmassy fabric - stitch the sides (not the base) together in pairs, RST, red to green, and turn right sides out.  Place the two units one on top of the other, and stitch from top to bottom in the centre.  You now have a tree 'book' of 4 pages.  Add decorative buttons to each page (we have scissors, gingerbread baking, skiing and baubles and snowflake themed, thank you Indi).  When I get home I can stuff each section, and sew up the base.

I have also finished the I-Spy blocks that I bought in the Blue Mountains (thanks Indi and Marley for helping arrange the blocks)

India did some sewing with the left over blocks 

look at these neat little stitches - not bad for a 5 year old eh?

And finally I finished the quilting on Marley's Road Map Mat - I just need to trim the threads - the *&^%$# at Bangkok confiscated my snips.  Yes they were less than 3cm blades, yes I didn't go to Bangkok as such, yes I didn't leave airside, yet I got back onto the *same* BA plane, but yes they searched my bags, and told me "No sharps" as they took them from me - grrrrrrrrrr


  1. Oh those Thai officials!!
    We had baby cutlery confiscated at Gatwick - you know the ones that look like knives and forks but are in fact blunt and no harm to ANYONE!!

  2. How irritating to lose your snips like that.
    Lovely sewing - and yes, well done India on the lovely sewing too!

  3. Great sewing, especially from India!!

  4. You have been a very busy bee, well done.Pity about your snips but maybe if you ask nicely you might find one in your stocking on Christmas morning!

  5. Gosh you have travelled just a bit, Benta! The last post that I read of yours was from Austria now you're in Australia - so I wondered if I was reading right when you mentioned the word "Oz" in this post.

    Your sister-in-law must have a sort of interest in your quilting obsession to have sought the quilt shops for you and I am amazed at how large that bead shop is, that lots of small items can fill the large space.

    Anyway have a lovely time. It seems your niece is enjoying the sewing.

  6. Very productive missus! Sorry about the meanies at Bangkok though :o(


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