Saturday 17 December 2011

Mini Christmas

Before I left Australia, we had a Mini Christmas - so I could give the kids (and Brother, and Sis in Law) their pressies while I was still there.  However, I was too busy playing with the toys to remember to take many photos.  So until I get hold of brother's photos, here are just a few - brother in his t-shirt

And nephew in front of the tree (He L.O.V.E.D the Road Map Mat - I can highly recommend it as a gift for a car mad 3 year old!)

But what I hadn't expected, was that I got a pressie too (Brother doesn't do Christmas, birthday, presents etc!).  Look at these yummy bits from them (actually, thank you Lise, I know you bought them!!!)

And Lise - you have a great eye for fabric - are you tempted?  Go on, I think you are - I bet Logan's or Quiltsmith do lessons!


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