Friday 9 December 2011

Shopping again

Poor s-i-l and nephew got dragged around fabric shops today!

We went to Material Obsession, and I got two more aboriginal themed fabrics, plus some text fabric, and a street map of Paris(!!!). It was a great shop (thanks for the suggestion, Avril) FULL of lovely fabrics and inspiration.

Next we went to No Chintz, but they were mostly upholstery, and didn't have ones I could see myself using for bags, so we moved onto Logan's Patchworks ...

Set in an industrial estate, it was like a tardis: tiny on the outside, HUGE on the inside, and so many fabrics! I bought some more aboriginal themed fabric, and a few other lovely fabrics. In the end we left the 4th shop for another day - there only so much fabric shopping I can subject a 3 year old to! (and shop 4 is within walking distance of the house, LOL).

Teje asked how many kilos I was allowed to bring back, ooops, I might need to post some clothing back home!


  1. Well it has turned cold here, so you will have to do the 'wear evverything' trick again at this rate.

    Material Obsession shop - now my jealously is boiling over!

  2. Post your dirty washing home, that's what I did! Funnily enough, customs declined to open and check too (although it really was dirty washing)


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