Monday 19 August 2013

Basting and Binding

While the embroidery machine is chuntering away I have little to do, but cant really get distracted by another project

You can see from this photo that the parts of the polo shirt that have been pushed away are just waiting for me to pay attention to another project so they can flop down and get included in the embroidery

But after basting a few quilts over a coffee break, I managed to quilt around the flowers on this little quilt while the other machine was embroidering, and then quickly add the binding to the front before I started the next shirt

 And then the same again with this one

Then in the evening Shawshank Redemption was on TV, a crazily long movie, but one of my favourites, so I settled down with glasses and needle and thread and hand stitched binding on this

and this  

Yay two finishes!!!!!

(really chuffed with the scrappy binding on the Oakshott Triangles)


  1. You have been busy, and very organised to fit that all in around the embroidery.

  2. You are putting me to shame with all the work you are doing :-)

  3. well done you, gold stars for multi tasking.

  4. Looking great! Congrats on more finishes!


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