Monday 12 August 2013

Stars On Sunday

Yesterday I finally got started on some of the outstanding Star Of Africa Bee blocks.

Cindy was Queen Bee for April, and wanted bright blocks (think of the brights in a box of crayons.) on a background of white  Our blocks will be added to a rainbow coloured Around The World top, and our positions have been allocated!

She wanted the block to represent our home, and to show our name and our location.  My home is the most boring looking home imaginable, so I decided to make the block  show my life instead

My family

My sewing

My church

And my school / work

Tomorrow I will put them all together to follow the colours Cindy is using in her quilt


  1. they look great.. and I am SURE your home is not boring x

  2. What a great take on the theme Benta, it will look lovely in the final quilt.

  3. A great idea well done and your house isn't boring!

  4. Always good to know your place in the world :oD

  5. You have some great ideas Benta.

  6. Those are fab blocks and your stitching is so neat and tidy!!

  7. Such a beautiful idea, Benta. Stitched to perfection too!


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