Tuesday 6 August 2013

Triangle Tuesday

When May came to visit a few weeks ago, she very kindly brought me this awesome Oakshott stack.  I've fondled, and drooled, and thought, and today I decided to cut into it

I pressed all the fabrics, trimmed them, and cut them into a 2.5 inch strip and a 6 inch strip

The 6 inch strips then got cut into 6 inch triangles

(just look at those yummy colours)

and the triangles got sewn into strips and the strips got sewn onto a fleece blanket, and this is what I have

I  now have a shopping list for some more Oakshott for a border, and I have the 2.5inch strips to join to make a scrappy binding

I wanted to blitz through this one as I know I don't like HSTs and I wasn't sure that triangles would be much better, but I knew I wanted to use this fabric as triangles - I was worried that if I put it to one side I may never come back to it.  

The verdict?  I LOVE the top because of the colours, I'm really pleased that I went with triangles, although I know that plenty of points don't match (darned bias edges) and I strongly suspect there wont be many more triangle quilts in my future!


  1. Brave on so many counts Benta, I would still be drooling over them :)

  2. Don't you just love how it shimmers?

  3. love the colors and the triangles; bravo

  4. Good call there Benta! I'm sure May is delighted you have pounced on this so quickly and don't worry the colours are so gorgeous no-one is looking at the pointy bits!

  5. Well yes, May is delighted and she had this small inkling you might like the colours from all the fondling the fabrics got :-) Your quilt is gorgeous and who cares about some smaller mishaps?

  6. Love the fabrics and love what you've done too.

  7. This is gorgeous! Triangles are perfect for those wonderful colours :)

  8. So beautiful, Benta! Those fabrics look wonderful and your triangle quilt is perfect way to use them! x Teje


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