Saturday 10 August 2013

Shopping Show and Tell

Well I was quite restrained on day 1 at Festival of Quilts, but not quite so retrained on day 2!

I bought this lovely pack of Liberty fabric from the lovely Yvonne at Village Fabrics: I already had one pack (thank you Jackie), and now there is enough for a bigger, um, something.  I also got some more charms for my sewing bracelet, and Jackie got me a replacement for my broken purple thang

I got a few replacement perspex sheets for Jackie's big shot (I felt I should as I've given her loads of fabric to Sizzix for me!) and got some fabric glue from the ladies at Apliquick which is much softer than prittstick.  I also got another thermofax screen: a spool of thread to go with the scissors I bought last time

I have been collecting red and stone linen for a while and have finally decided to make a log cabin, but had a glut of stone rather than red.

 So when I saw these I had to get them

But then I saw these too, and somehow they slipped into the shopping basket too, I think I feel a bag coming in these

I popped in to see the lovely ladies at the Button Company (at Eternal Maker - I gather the shop was a bit empty this week!) and got bits for bags as well as buttons and felt

And then I got some more wooden spools just because

 That covered nearly all of my shopping list plus just a few extras.  

The outstanding items were some paper piecing templates: triangles and hexies in both 1¼ and 2 inches, but no one seemed to have them.  I could cope, as I'd found them online from America, but that would include $22 shipping!

Jackie and I had arranged to meet for a final coffee at 4pm - on her way to the meeting place she passed Hannah's Room . . . with an almost hidden stash of EPP templates, so she dragged me back and I got all 4 packs for about half the price of getting them shipped from the states


  1. What a lovely haul! I look forward to seeing how you use them all over the coming weeks / months / years!

  2. All that shopping and you saved money too, that is worth celebrating Benta :)

  3. Lol, you definitely fell off the wagon on day 2!

  4. You did have a good day, didn't you!!! Some really lovely fabrics. x

  5. Of course you needed all this! Who could resist?

  6. I enjoyed helping you to spend your money :-)

  7. A very successful spree! Enjoy your buys :)


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