Monday 25 July 2016

The one where I did a bit of sewing and a lot of driving

My cousin (who lives in Kenya) is staying here for a few days. Her teenage son came over with his dad for a cousin's graduation- dad has gone back to Kenya leaving the lad with an uncle and aunt until mum comes to pick him up! We planned to get him tomorrow but he was desperate to leave, so lots of driving today!

I did however get the binding stitched onto the pink HST quilt

And a whole load more uniform embroidered


  1. OMG the mice ... with their adorable tails ... sweet as candy!

  2. Oh! I got so excited about the mice that I hit enter before I was ready, lol. Great job getting that quilt done so fast - it's so sweet!

  3. quilt looks good and those slippers are wonderful, at least the drive is over and you do not have to do it today

  4. Well done on the binding and i LOVE the slippers!

  5. Your quilt is really pretty and I LOVE those slippers. I'm wondering if you've slept this past two weeks? I seem to have missed 17 posts ! :) x


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