Sunday 3 July 2016

The One where I only managed 15 minutes of sewing

After 44 hours of work last week (two school and two teaching gigs) I was then out at a family do all Saturday, and mostly tidying up and putting away today . . . but a girl has to do some sewing in the week!

I picked up some Chinese indigo dyed fabric from a speaker at Richmond & Kew quilters last month (Jennifer Hughes) and had a recent delivery of zips from the Zipit lady so I had a play, and 15 minutes later had this finished

I expect my thumb will eventually be clean!

The weather at the family party was alternating tropical rain and brilliant sunshine- thank goodness for gazebos!

Some family pics: (specially for Jackie)

Niki and Lulu

Nina and Niki

Anthony with a poorly Sammy




  1. Lovely family photos, Benta - that's a lotta peeps in the "everyone" photo!
    How'd you manage to finish off a double zip pouch in 15 minutes? It takes me that long to pick a zipper - let alone TWO zippers - let alone fabric as well! That indigo dyed fabric is LUSH - I've been investigating dying fabric (oops - typo there - dyeing ... but dying is funnier, LOL) and was looking at indigo dye today @ Amazon and Joanns, lol. Obviously GMTA ;)

  2. looks like fun time with the family hope little Sammy is better ow.
    Liking the pouch and so impressed it was done so quickly, wonder if the pattern is available to those of us who do not know how to make one?

  3. Brilliant pattern matching Benta, 15 minutes definitely well spent :)

  4. Great to see the family :-) My how the little ones have grown!
    Well done on the fab pouch xx

  5. Glad the rain stopped!
    Awesome double zip wonder.

  6. Beautiful family photos and great you have fun with your family and hope Sammy is better.
    Love your pouch.

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