Sunday 24 July 2016

The one where I did some quilting!

I'm not a quilter- I'm a patchworker! But very occasionally I feel that a patchwork is asking to be quilted!

For a long time some ladies at my church house group have been stitching HSTs together. They are not necessarily comfortable with a needle and thread, and some of the stitches are bigger than I would choose, but I'm all for encouraging them! After laying out the design and sewing the squares into strips on Friday, I got them assembled today and that's when they started asking to be quilted. I'm on holiday, and have the time so I decided to listen and start quilting.

Liberated echo quilting, nothing fancy, but I'm really pleased with the result

Just the binding to be hand stitched and then it's done. It's for one of our ladies who had a baby girl last summer ... 1st birthday pressie!

I also managed to finish the Gay Pride bag

And I've finished and embroidered a quilt for a cousin who has just had a baby girl, Annie

Now back to embroidering school uniforms!


  1. So beautiful projects and the quilting looks fabulous!

  2. You are prolific enough when you have a job, goodness know what you're going to be like with a little time! They all look great. Good luck with the job hunting.

  3. You quilt better than I do. I can't wait to see what you dream up with all your new-found free time.

  4. Do you ever sit still, Benta? Look at those gorgeous projects - particularly that beautiful 1st birthday quilt - awesome! Did you see on the news, a few weeks ago, our Canadian Prime Minister - Justin Trudeau - @ the Toronto Pride Parade? VERY proud moment for us, so YES to the Gay Pride bag! :) (If I could figure out how to type this comment in rainbow colours, I would do so, lol) :) :) :) :) :)

  5. the half square triangles have come to life with the quilting lovely and the gay pride bag I am envious about so colourful, what a good baby quilt when she gets a bit older she will love looking at the fabrics you have used here

  6. Lovely work Benta! The quilt looks fabulous.
    Good luck with the job hunting!
    Barbara xx


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