Saturday 23 July 2016

The one where I made a bag and did some embroidery

I'm making a bag for a friend who is going to a Gay Pride event in Brighton later in the year. She wants a bag that says "I support your cause but I'm straight"!

She loved the tshirt I showed yesterday so I got on with the bag while my embroidery machine was busy earning me some money.

The front of the bag - inside (with slip pockets) and outside with a big zip pocket


And the back of the bag - inside (with a small zip pocket) and outside


The embroidery is for the local preschool - just a few items!

At least I've got some done today


Clarification on yesterday's post - I haven't retired, just resigned - I'm looking for a new, full time job, so this theme of sewing and blogging every day won't last for long!!!



  1. We will,enjoy the sewing and blogging while it lasts :-)

  2. the rainbow bag is a great transformation for the tee shirt.

  3. Great transformation of that t shirt :)

  4. Great bag - just right for the occasion methinks!
    Enjoy your stitch and blog time! We will!
    Barbara xx

  5. What a fabulous bag - and great idea!
    We'll make the most of the sewing and blogging that you do until you have to return to the working fray once more! xx

  6. making the most of your "free" time I see x lol x

  7. That was an interesting commission Benta and well met I'd say! Enjoy your break between jobs.


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