Wednesday 13 July 2016

The one where I didn't have to be sociable

I got home from work to an empty house - shovelled in some food and then off to the sewing room!!!


If you're my friend on Facebook you might have seen these blocks that the Richmond & Kew ladies made on Monday night


There were some fabric strips kept over so several of us took some home to make more - and I finished four tonight - these will all be made into project Linus quilts


I also did a bit of work on a tutorial for a two zip pouch like this one, but that'll be a post for another day.

In the meantime I'm counting down the days until school breaks up (just six more days) and celebrating Jackie having today finished the chemo part of her treatment, and her grandchild not choosing to arrive just yet!!!!



  1. Well done on the sewing and we are sharing this grandchild too xxx

  2. I've seen those blocks - awesome quilts for project linus!
    I have a group on my street that does this. They have donated around 4000 quilts now.

  3. blocks look good and will make great linus quilts and good news re Jackie`s treatment is completed and trust all will be well for her. Eagerly await the tutorial no pressure

  4. Cute string blocks - I love scrappy strings :) I love waking up to an empty house - that means hubby has gone to work already, and I can play solitaire before I do housework, haha! Oh wait - I do that when he's home too ;)


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