Friday 22 July 2016

The one where I finally did some sewing!

School finished yesterday! And not just for the summer in my case, but forever! I have resigned- I felt it was better for the school that I left at the end of a year, and could leave everything ready for my replacement, rather than either giving notice during the hols and not going back or going back for a few days or weeks in September and leaving things half done.

The parents and staff were very kind - I got lots of lovely cards and gifts! And today I got to sew!

This pile of HSTs stitched by the ladies at church

Have been stitched into strips


And this tshirt has been rescued from a charity shop to be made into a bag


Tomorrow? More of the same!!!!



  1. enjoy your retirement, it was the best thing I ever did, well I was made redundant 5 months before I was 60.
    The pink HSTs look lovely laid out and the tee shirt is so colourful, plenty of time now for stitching. Are you off to FOQ next month?

  2. Big changes ahead Benta! You will soon wonder how you ever managed to fit work in :)

  3. Fab colours in the t-shirt!

  4. Looks like you're starting to have fun already - fab! love the HST layout and the t-shirt!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS on gaining freedom ......oh my goodness!.. I was convinced I would have HOURS and HOURS of crafting time when I finished work .. mm that didn't happen.. good luck anyway x lol x

  6. Hope your next job is half the time and double the pay :)


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