Thursday 14 July 2016

The one where I make a double zipped pouch

Hopefully the following zillion photos show how to make a double zipped pouch!  If you want to print it there is a PDF 6 page printable version here

I've used fabric with a specific repeating pattern: these instructions are for general fabrics with hints where appropriate.
Cut six rectangles as shown. My front piece needed extending, but as the bottom will be inside the smaller zipped section I'm happy to bodge. My measurements are based on what fabric I had. If you are matching parts of a design check the pocket piece lines up with the front piece about 2" below the top of the front piece.

I also cut fusible fleece for the three outer pieces and ironed that on.
Gather up pocket lining, one zip, and pocket piece.
Pin them so all top edges align

Stitch through all three layers using a zipper foot (this allows you to get close to the zip teeth). Check whether you need to change your needle position . . . Q: How often do I change needles? A: Every time I break one by trying to stitch into my zipper foot!

Once stitched you can breathe

Fold the fabrics open and top stitch in place

Judge by eye where you think the pocket should be on the front piece. Flip it up and pin 1/4" from the edge of the zip, flip down and see the bottom of the pocket lines up,with the bottom of the front (and your design matches if it needs to). If not repeat until it works!

Stitch using zip foot. Flip into place. This is now your front piece.

Now line up the top of the combined front piece, the top of the second zip and the top of the front lining. (Right sides together, and the front piece right side to the front of the zip) You may prefer to check both zips pull the same way

And stitch. Then flip open and top stitch

Repeat - lining up the back, the zip and the back lining piece, stitching and top stitching
So now it should look like this from the front / outside pieces...

And like this flipped over / inside pieces

I seem to be very good at losing inches (off my fabric, not off my waist!) so now I trim it to size. Take care if you need to trim over a zip - and if your zip is longer than necessary make sure you move the zip pull to the inside

Now move the zip pulls to at least their middles

Arrange the pieces so the lining pieces match up, and the back and front pieces match up (RST). Pop the strap (folded in half) between the back and front pieces just below the main zip, with the raw edges slightly proud of the edges.

Trim the corners, either by eye, or draw around a cup or mug

Pin all round, leaving a 4" gap in the lining. I pin parallel to the edge apart from either side of the gap, that reminds me to stop in the right place

Stitch (going slowly over the Zips). You did move the zip pulls to the centre didn't you? If so you can turn this through (aka give birth) and then stitch the gap closed


Then fill and admire again!

(Then, if you wrote this tutorial, spend ages worrying that you should have used a lighter fabric, or taken better pics, or written it differently . . .)


  1. I'll have to wait until saturday or Sunday to test. It read well.

  2. thanks for this have made it into a pdf and will print it off ready for attempting, will have to buy some zips and the fusible fleece? or wadding? then no excuse to get going with it

  3. You shouldn't worry about a thing - the tutorial is genius! I might just have to make one later! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Benta! Another great tutorial! Oh no, another one I shall have to make .... I just love it, love it, love it! Love your fabric ... not too dark either!
    PS I have just blogged about your peg bag tutorial, with pictures of the one I made!
    You are an inspiration! Thank you!
    Barbara xx

  5. ooo .. like the look of this xx

  6. I've made a few zipper bags in my time (lol) and I don't always get the fabrics lined up perfectly - a lot of the time, one layer of fabric stretches a bit when the zipper is being sewn in. One thing that blows me away is when people cut shapes for a zipper pouch - i.e. a circle (like the earbud pouch that's been around for a while) and are able to match up half circles with other half circles and then match them to the whole circle - that never EVER works out nicely for me! I prefer to start with squares/rectangles then cut the shape out after the zipper is in, hehe. The tutorial looks good!

  7. Fab tutorial Benta, thanks so much! I will definitely have a go at this next time I am making zippy pouches!

  8. I have yet to make one of these. Your instructions give me hope :)


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