Monday 1 August 2016

The one where I did *more* machine embroidery and some quilting

You really don't expect *more* photos of preschool uniforms I hope?  I'm getting a little fed up with them - 44 down, 31 to go!!!

However the HST and Strings / £7 quilt has moved along and now looks like this

I've done some liberated (free range) quilting in the solids . . .

using a lovely variegated thread . . .

However, my drawer of fabric strings doesn't seem to have gone down AT ALL!!!


  1. I'm starting a movement to stop saying, "I sewed it all from my stash". Even if you did, it's obvious there is more stash than even you know about or those scraps are bent on populating like rabbits. It's clearly obvious that you didn't sew from stash based on what remains - even if you did. Let's stop lying to the readers.

  2. Fabulous,sure you will make another string quilts.

  3. Love the way you've set them too. Better made another one or more blocks to add :-)


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