Monday 15 August 2016

The one where I've been to Festival of Quilts (part 2)

I have taken some photos of some of my favourite quilts from the festival - and some that have inspired me.  They are on the "Private Use" page

Whilst travelling, and chatting in the evenings I finished two cogs on the La Passacaglia (almost: two tiny triangles left to do on the top one, but I'm delighted I managed to get the same purple to be able to finish the outer hexies)

 and I started the next cog

We saw this felted bag when we had a coffee and a rest - a lovely lady called Heidi made it, and told us she was hoping to teach a felting class next year - we'll sign up!

And being too impatient to wait, I bought some hand made felt and matching buttons to have a go at making the bag!

I also bought some more picture fabrics

and some gadget type stuff - pre-wound bobbins and this fabric gel that turns anything into water resistant sewable farbic!

I also came home with these lovely goodies from Jackie: an Avoca button mug, a zippy pouch and a sewing essentials folder - thank you Jackie!!!

 Now I need to spend sometime in the sewing room finding places for all this stuff!!!!

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  1. Looks like you had a great time. I did some felting a while back and even knitted my own purse from start to finish (felting and shaping). Nowadays, I look for 100% wool sweaters (jumpers) and throw them thru a hot water wash and then some dryer time and get the felted fabric much faster! Easy to sew as they don't fray. We also have a wonderful Flock & Fiber show coming up in September if I need new supplies. When I re-did the sewing room, those supplies got buried. May be time to dig them out again.


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