Tuesday 30 August 2016

The one where I used Insul-Bright

I'm trialing a variety of pot-holder 'recipes' for a class I'm teaching on Friday.

This is a pot-holder 'recipe' is for a pot holder of my own design: it is inspired by a number of others but I don’t think I’ve seen the same on the net.  (Apologies if someone else has done it the same way first)

Cut a 8½" circle from card to use as a template.  Using this cut 6 circles as follows:
  • Cut 1 from wadding/batting (then cut this in half)
  • Cut 1 from Insul-bright
  • Cut 1 from a cotton fabric you aren't too keen on (for the inside)
  • Cut 3 from a cotton fabric you like (for the outside)
  • Optional: a scrap of fabric 3 x 5 folded & stitched, or 5 inch length of ribbon for a strap

Wrap one piece of outer fabric around one half of wadding, and repeat for the second half of wadding

Baste around the curved edge and stitch along the straight edge, about an inch away (or quilt if you fancy)

Create sandwich: 
  • First layer : lining fabric, right side DOWN
  • Second layer: Insul-bright
  • Third layer: outer fabric, right side UP
    • (at this point you could stitch across the middle to make folding easier when it's being used, or quilt if preferred)
  • If using a strap, fold in half and insert here, loop in, raw edges out
  • Fourth layer: two half circles as created previously, right side DOWN
Pin though all layers: stitch with a generous 1/4 inch seam, ensuring all layers are included

Turn right way round and admire!

If raw edges bother you, you could bind them with bias binding, or you could top stitch, making sure you capture the raw edges inside the top stitching

(A PDF and printable version of these instructions are available here)

Other shapes also available: See Leafy Tree's Heart Version here


  1. You might as well go further and decorate as a poke ball (pokemon)

  2. I made these type of potholder, only in a heart shape. This shape doesn't work too well, as you lose holding space at the bottom of the heart. This, on the other hand, might do the trick. I have to think about making some. Thanks for putting it into a PDF for us!

  3. Thanks for the tutorial, I shall have a go when my Insul- bright arrives x

  4. These look really useful Benta I am sure your ladies will have fun making them


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