Sunday 28 August 2016

The one where I started sewing Rainy Day Rainbow Quilt

My quilts usually get names after they've been finished, but this one has its name much earlier!

I used the grey fabrics from FOQ that were cut into 10 x 2½ strips about ten days ago and started stitching them in strips with the rainbow sections.  The grey reminded me of a rainy day - hence the name Rainy Day Rainbow!

In case anyone is interested (including Future Benta), I actually have the initial 'recipe' for this quilt, and thought it worth making notes here!

I cut 10 20" x 2½" strips - one each from a variety of rainbow fabrics: I felt these worked well together (although the order changed a bit in the final version, and the pale blue got ditched)

I used 11 grey FQs, cutting each one into 14 bricks 10" x 2½": (Actually I cut up 13 FQs, but so far have only needed 11, but there wil be borders and binding needed, so I cant see there being any waste)

I took pairs of different grey bricks and joined them at 45O: when opened they make a straight line.

I made 11 strips that were 8 grey bricks long (using the 45Omethod) 

I made another 10 strips that were each made of 6 grey bricks and one rainbow strip long. (These I actually made as a circle as I didn't know where the top and bottom would be)

And then I started laying them out on my 'design bed' - splitting the rainbow strips as appropriate (it's left a jagged top and bottom but that will be sorted later)

I decided to stagger the all grey strips as my seams aren't 100% even, so this way any dodgy seams aren't as glaringly obvious

(OK, not fab, but they are just being auditioned in this pic, - it gives you an idea)

I then started pinning.  From seam to seam the grey bricks now measure 7½"

The seam on the staggered strip then needs to be joined to the middle of the adjoining brick  It needs to be pinned at the 4" point, so that a ¼" seam hits the diagonal seam ¼" earlier, ie at half of 7½"

I've pinned about half the strips to their neighbours, but now I'm done for today, (and I've run out of pins) so the next part of the instructions will be sometime in the future


  1. Wow this quilt is flying along! I love the greys and the colours :-)

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  3. Great name for a quilt Benta, and I love that you are leaving instructions for your future self :)


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