Tuesday 9 August 2016

The one where I stitched a dog!

I've finally finished the Pre-School embroideries, hooray!  The lady who runs the preschool also volunteers at a dog charity, and sent me their logo to ask if I could embroider it?

It was a difficult one, but I'm quite chuffed with the result - lets hope she likes it too!

I'm also playing with selvedge edges again -  saw this on Pinterest,

 and have started my own version

I'm making mine out of recycled denim, hence the colour changes, but I'm really loving it!  At the moment it's 32" x 27" but I'm adding a strip of selvedges to the left, and of denim to the right each time so it's growing quickly (or will do until I run out of selvedges!)


  1. I'm starting to like selvedges, I may have to start my own collection!

  2. Awesome idea. Glad your embroidering efforts landed you another job.

  3. That's definitely a dog with attitude Benta!

  4. That dog embroidery is perfect! And you've made a lovely start on the selvedge spiral :)


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