Friday 26 August 2016

The one where you can win some money!!!

My nephews have set up a website where you can win money - and it's free and they will never sell on your details.  I know it sounds too good to be true but it is genuine (or I wouldn't be telling you about it!)

The link is here, and this is how it works:

Everyday (that you visit the site) you get given 5 'lucky patches'.  You then get taken (by the magic of Google maps) to a map of your current location (best to play on a smart phone so it knows where you are) and can claim that many 'patches' of land - each one is about the size of a car  You can save the patches up if you want, and you get extras for your friends joining.

One 'owned' patch is chosen at random per day - if  it's one of yours that is chosen  you stand to win at least £100.  The boys get their income from the adverts that you scroll past (or visit).  The ads are chosen by Google AdSense - so they are relevant to you: Lisa was looking at Kipling bags on Google, and got a Kipling discount ad - so win for her and Niki has won £100!!!

There is a blogger in Brighton (click here to visit her) who has loads of patches - just look what her area looks like!

Some people block out their house, or their road, some draw pictures - it looks as if Laurie or friends had a go at writing Hi and Hello and drawing a heart, but other people have claimed more patches nearby so it's not as clear as it could be.

I went for negative space and identified the school where I used to work

Someone graffiti-ed Ascot Racecourse with their initials and a picture - I'm only showing half the pic to save your blushes!

but of course its only virtual graffiti so no harm done!

A friend of mine lets her two year old grab the patches each morning - Little B jabs at the screen until she tells Hannah "Mummy all green gone" - This is what their area looks like!

My immediate area has been totally grabbed - all 4 of us are playing

So I save my patches for when I'm visiting somewhere new

Have you noticed a little character in the last two pics?  Meet Bob - he sometimes appears near your patches - and if you click on him you get £5 added to your potential winnings, and you get 50p added each time you log in too

Have I tempted you?  You can email Bob if you have any questions (  or click on this link and have a play!

Good Luck!

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  1. I am trying it (for you). It only shows the UK so I get random patches. Which Bob won't visit. I may still win randomly 100 pounds.


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