Tuesday 16 August 2016

The one where I wanted to make a Calendar Quilt

I have a vague vision of a Calendar Quilt, but the image keeps changing!

I was tidying the sewing room (to make room for all my new goodies) when I found 4 embroidery blocks that were the start of a calendar quilt a long time ago (January 2013!).  But I decided I didn't like them.

I also found a whole load of 2.5" squares in assorted colours, and in low volume shades, and I found a pretty but empty box

So I sorted the squares into the box

I made the first of the new Calendar blocks (this is for February)

I have decided to 'lose' the previous blocks (does anyone want them before they become filling for a dog bed for Battersea Dog's home?)

And I have a tidy shelf in the sewing room (sadly one tidy unit, 6 not-so-tidy units!

And my secret sewing last week has been delivered and is in use!!!!!

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  1. makes you want to clean .. ONLY the craft room though! .. when there are such wonderful "goodies" to find xxx


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