Saturday 14 August 2010

Blog Surfing (and drooling)

I spent a lazy hour in bed this morning Blog Surfing - bliss - almost as good as uninterrupted sewing (I vaguely remember being able to achieve that!)

Anyways, clicking from post to post landed me on Stash Manicure and I stopped, and gawped, and drooled, and had to add the info here!

To be this organised - and to have this much stash, (and there are more photos of more stuff too) must be heavenly.

So lets dream a little. Let's say I found oodles of money hidden in a drawer. I'm going to Birmingham on Friday to meet Jackie and have two days at NEC, I could spend said oodles of money on oodles and oodles of fabric. As I'm dreaming, I can buy (and struggle home with) all the stash that Jacquie (Tallgrass Prairie Studio) shows us here. But then Mrs Practical Sensible starts to whisper in my ear ... and I have to accept it would never be a good collection of fabrics, it would be a huge collection of UFOs. I'd still drool over someone else's stash, while tying to negotiate with USA over who had the bigger stash of UFOs and who therefore had the best claim to Area 57

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