Sunday 1 August 2010


Well the most exciting thing has happened! I was pondering just how many fat quarters of dark green I would need to buy to make the Christmas Tree quilt [click here for original blog] and would I need as much as a FQ? Scraps would be fine. Then on BQL there was a discussion about the badge designed for people to wear to recognise each other at exhibitions etc, and a lady asked where she could find the badge. I directed her, but added that I was happy to stitch one if she, or anyone else wanted one. It was only when a request came for a badge offering fabric in exchange that the lightbulb went off in my head. I have now made badges for 8 BQLers, and have them ready to go in the post - and am waiting for addresses for another five and then should get 13 envelopes with assorted dark greens for the tree!!!


(of course that means nothing from the to-do list toady, but I'm too excited to be bothered!!!)

AND... I've managed to add a photo to my profile, and add a link to Amy's Blogger's Quit Festival - how hi-tech am I???

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