Thursday 12 August 2010

Having a giddy moment

I sort of felt that this Blog was to keep my ideas focused and a record of what I've created, but now I have a follower (hence the giddy moment) and I feel under pressure to be more detailed, and more thorough in what I post - I am "well chuffed" though!!!

When I open up my computer each day I first check my list of followed blogs to see who has updated, and then check what they have been up to, even before I put the kettle on. (Does that make me a followee, or a person who needs to get a life??)

My daughters refer to it as stalking, but I think they are joking! Anyway, CC, this post is for you!

(or Quiltlets based loosely on Journal Quilts)

Oldest daughter is off to Uni in September, and although she doesn't sew much, she cannot imagine being in an environment where she doesn't need to watch for pins, where clothes don't come with added loose threads, and where irons are used for clothes ... so she is taking the old sewing machine with her. She doesn't want to make quilts, so we have been looking at journal quilts,

And I got a bit carried away making samples for her! These are all A4 size, stitched onto pelmet vilene

(L to R: 1cm squared, glued then FMQ / woven ribbons / hint of a rainbow / looking out to sea)

To now take it one stage further (I don't have enough on my to-do list evidently) I have joined the BQL PostCard swap, and will have to make 6 pink themed cards for the end of September, and Window themed for the end of October - hum, best get thinking :-)

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