Friday 13 August 2010

I can finish a baby blanket

"Baby Andrews'" quilt has been at the top of my to-do list for ages, even though the quilt was finished in time for the village fair Craft Show back mid June (it came second :-). But it couldn't be finished until the baby arrived. She finally arrived yesterday, and Lora and Neil have called her Sky, so I am now able to embroider her name and finish the blanket - yippee!!!

The quilt is an I Spy quilt - 24 different picture fabrics, backed with warm cosy fleece, and unusually for me, 100% hand stitched ... I took the squares away on holiday in June to join them, and carried on hand sewing the blanket stitch around and the quilting in the ditch

Added later: and I have a lovely Thank You message from mum: Benta, the quilt you made for Sky is gorgeous, I have to admit I had a little cry when Neil brought it home. I had no idea you made them proffesionally, and it's so lovely. Thank you so much. We're planning to go to the church garden party with her so hopefully we'll see you there, otherwise as soon as we're in the house please please come over and meet her x x x

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