Friday 27 August 2010

A short update

Not many photos today :-( but that's because I've been doing basically boring sewing: 3 more Hug Radio t-shirts, two more paw print headrests, and initials on another six PE kits - boring but all earning money so I shouldn't complain!

I also got started on Dales' bags: I've been following Spoonflower's website, where you can get your own designs printed onto fabric, and have finally taken the plunge and created a 'design' which gives care instructions for the Wombat Hats: I'm very excited!

Other than that it's been an exciting week: Niki got fab GCSE (O'level in old money) results, Lisa got her Uni accommodation sorted after a few problems, I got the grant of probate on Uncle Geoff's estate, and I got offered the job at the After School Club - what a week!!!

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