Friday 20 August 2010

Kate's SAH Robin

Last year at Festival Of Quilts I bought LOADS of whites with black, and blacks with white.

The mostly whites went with some pale greens into a quilt for Niki's friend Kay:

The mostly blacks went, with some pale blues, into a quilt for Niki's friend Becca

Both types, plus a bit of red, went into log cabins which became cushion covers for Niki herself:
and the remaining fabrics plus a few orphan log cabins went into a plastic bag awaiting inspiration.

One of the blogs I've been following is Kates's Quilting Blogspot where she is hosting a Stay At Home Round Robin. We'll I've finally plucked up the courage, and I've used an orphan and some scraps to catch up with the first two stages, and now I'm off to ask Kate, Pretty Please, can I be in your gang?


  1. Benta, thanks for playing along - I will add your photos to the blog next week when I am back at my mother's house with regular internet access...

  2. These look lovely - have you thought about September now? I've got a couple of ideas for mine, but nothing started yet.....


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