Tuesday 22 May 2012

Am I having an Affair with my Postie?

Maybe husband hasn't noticed how often Mr Postman comes to our front door - if he I'd I'm sure he's have his suspicions:

The first visit was to bring me a package from the lovely (and tolerant) Meg at New Threads.

The conversation went "Can I have a box of Aurifil please . . . but can I have a mixture of 40 and 50 weight please . . . and can I choose the colours , . . . and no I don't have numbers for all the colours . . . um . . .  not quite off white, more a milky coffee sort of colour . . ." all this by email about 11 o'clock at night - Meg you are customer service personified!

The second visit from Mr Postie came from the equally lovely Katherine at Quilt Direct - again email convos at a time when people should be having their own life, not helping me ponder the great questions such as What size hexi templates do I really want, and is my fabric big enough?, add to that a big can of lazy baste, or 505 at it's trading name, and giving me advice too, fab!

Thirdly, a super quick delivery from Jaycotts, with more Brother orange thread  for the pumpkins I am embroidering (plus spare black, and some new needles)

Finally the word has obviously not gone out to ignore me as an online customer . . . I first met Cindy when she hosted the Goodie Swap last year, and have been a regular visitor to her blog ever since.  She has now opened Fluffy Sheep Quilting as an on-line store, and I managed to mess up my first order (totally my fault, not hers or the site's fault), so THAT took emails to sort out, but was so worth it . . .

I got the Kona Coal and the dark Violet as I think both will look fab with the hexies, thank you Cindy :-)


  1. Don't we live in a wonderful age? It's wonderful to be able to do things like this in our pajamas and from home!

  2. Oh I was just going to say the same thing! Yay for internet shopping and posties!

  3. What fun you have - it is just too easy to shop from the sofa!

  4. Makes mental not not to open an online shop...

    Glad you had fun anyway :oD

  5. Are you the secret shopper?

  6. I LOVE the threads totally fab! More hexies in the making then?? Great choices well done:-)

  7. Oooooh!Goodies. I wish I saw my postie that much!Lucky thing you- and also really nice to hear of good customer service - I bet you will go back to each and every shop ; )

  8. Single handedly doing your bit to support the economy! Well done - and what a lovely haul! Looking forward to seeing what you make!


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