Wednesday 30 May 2012

Epic Embroidery Project

I have been slogging away at an embroidery order for a customer: 44 fleeces and polo shirts with the school logo and name on them.  Boring, but  it earns some money (*), so I haven't complained too much

(*About 61 FQs worth, but consider this value when I finish some binding and publish my next post)

While I was finishing this order, nephew came over - wanting to get some polo shirts embroidered for his father-in-law's birthday next week.  As I wanted to finish my lot, and as I figured it would be good for him to do the work himself, I gave him a starter lesson on PEDesign software, and off he went.  I was watching over his shoulder, and I did give him some help, but after a while he was fine on his own, and by the time the machine was free, he had come up with this:

Well done Ant - another skill to add to your CV!!!!


  1. It's great that you took the time to share some knowledge with your nephew!

  2. Well done indeed - and well done you for sharing nicely!

  3. I'm impressed - with both lots of embroidery!

  4. Goodness Benta, you've become a one woman production line! Maybe Ant can start full time as the embroiderer's apprentice!

  5. Heh, no point in having a dog and barking yourself, right? ;o)


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