Wednesday 2 May 2012

Scrappy Sewing (Take 2)

Darn iPad - since blogger changed, I cant see posts to edit them on the iPad.  I assumed they were just not showing - until I tried to publish a draft post from the iPad, and there it was gone!

So here I go again

Niki has asked for a green and black and white quilt for her friend Laura's 18th in a month's time.  I bought the blacks and whites at Lady Sew and Sew's a few weeks ago, and Niki was inspired by [this one] I'd pinned on Pinterest ages ago for another project.  So I cut and stitched, and stitched and stitched, until I had 11.5m of striped blacks / whites / green fabric
 but then it needed pressing, so I looked around for something else to do

I have a drawer full of 2.5 inch strips left over from the last 5 years or so of projects.  On the rare occasion I rootle in there for a particular fabric or colour , I usually cant find it, so I decided the time had come to reduce it.

I really enjoyed the Jelly Roll Race I made a few weeks ago, so decided to join all the scraps into one almost endless ribbon  (Does anyone else remember 'Endless Grey Ribbon' from Nick Lowe in the 80s?  I loved that album)

So this . . .

 Got reduced to these . . . a 55m endless multicoloured ribbon, and a few scraps in a box
But then the endless ribbon needed pressing too, which is why I wrote the blog post . . . the one that the iPad ate


  1. Most succinct post I've ever seen you write, lol.

  2. Heh, I love the iron aversion ;o) Since the upgrade I've had to resort to sneakier ways to read at work, since IE6 isn't supported by the new dashboard!

  3. I'm not a fan of using the i-pad for posting on Blogger. I did try while on holiday using the Blogger app and successfully posted, but just wasn't the same as using the Mac, so I'm back at the desk typing - hey ho.

    I love the green with the black and quilt, good colour combo. Have fun with the gurt big long strip of fabric, 55m is pretty long, that'll cut down the scraps!

  4. Good use up of the scraps!

    I keep reading about problem people are having with the switch over but we've had months to play around with it. If you look on your dashboard, under you blog title there is a number and page views, a number of posts and a number of followers. Click the blue number and the post you lost could be in there.

    Posted from my iPad that hasn't yet decided to throw a wobbly but will no doubt do so soon. :-)

  5. We need to get you some therapy so as to get you over your aversion to pressing(notice I didnt say IRONING!) Maybe we could start a reward system, a fat quarter for each piece pressed!

  6. Also hating the new blogger - and yes I know we had months 'to play around' but I have an aversion to change once I master something. I also do not want an iPad or iPhone or any new complicated stuff. I am rubbish with my Blackberry and I have a new car coming tomorrow and am dreading all the techie stuff I will have to master before I am safe on the roads.

  7. I hate using an iron too! Hope that you manage to overcome the aversion and get on with your projects again soon!

  8. Why, why why when they make these changes do they not seem to be improvements? I've been trying to post photos to my blog and every one seems to need three or four goes to get there! Grrr.


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