Friday 18 May 2012

Plodding and Pottering

I haven't managed any significant makes in the last couple of week as when I haven't been trying to recreate my kitchen, I've been spending most evenings embroidering school uniforms for a customer - but between hooping, un-hooping, snipping, etc, I have managed a bit of sewing, so I thought it's time to show:

Endless Ribbon has now become twin quilt tops for the Siblings Together charity: similar to one another, but different, they both have lots of I-Spy quilts in them

The hexies that I have been working on downstairs have reached almost the end of the light fabric: there are three "Grandmother's flowers" here, and two large random hexies, and there will be one or two more in the mainly dark fabrics.  These will probably become back and front of a hexi bag, and others appliqued onto some Kona Coal for a table runner

Having got close to the end of the hexi fabric, and needing a project to take on the train on Monday, I cut some small pictures from fabrics at Broom Farm, and tacked these I-Spy hexies.  No particular plans for these, but it will take a while to get enough to make anything anyway

a few posts ago I posted a pic of a height chart of the baby at Chertsey Museum

but didn't post a pic of the finished quilt that was made from the other blocks made by the ladies there

And I embroidered her name too

Not too bad going for two weeks eh?


  1. You sure that was the little girl's name!? ;)

  2. Doesn't it feel good to get so much done! All of your projects look great, too!

  3. Super woman at work again! Well done, I cant begin to imagine the amount of work you would get through if you actually had time LOL!

  4. Your ribbon quilt tops look great and I love the greys for hexies - very calming :)

  5. Benta, you have been busy again! So many projects going on! I love your hexies and the yellow quilt is so sunny and beautiful! x Teje

  6. Love the granny flowers!


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