Thursday 31 May 2012

Quiet Quilty Confession

I have just had my first quilt properly quilted (not my first quilt, but the first quilting if you needed that explaining)

I shall code the experience, just in case husband ever finds himself here, but I should first say I AM DELIGHTED - Thank you Steph, it's FAB!

A big stipple all over, with a few whirls added in

And the whole quilt

But I think this will be a one-off!  The cost of the wadding, backing fabric and thread was the cost of (say it very quietly) 28 fat quarters.

The cost of the quilting was (even quieter) 30 fat quarters

At least the binding was just the cost of 2 FQs . . . and how accurately did Helen calculate how much binding I needed!

 So now there are 4 quilts waiting for cooler days so I can hand sew the binding!

(* And I'd like to draw your attention to the irony that yesterday's embroidery earned me money equal to 61 FQs - and this cost me 60 FQs - actually not a bad exchange rate for services!!!!)


  1. It looks fab! and you are right, it does seem like a fair exchange of time / services! Looking forward to seeing it fully completed with the binding in place. Also looking forward to seeing you quilting your own in the future!

  2. I was going to say the same thing as Plum, waiting to see you do your own quilting, lol. If you lived closer, (like thousands of miles closer...) I would gift you with a starter quitting setup. I have one of the older super quilter setups with the table etc. Oh well, maybe I will find someone near me who might like to have it. Oh, and I do love your quilt.

  3. The quilt is beautiful, one for the family heirloom pile I think. Fat quarters is a wonderful currency!

  4. Having seen the quilt, which is lovely, I think that's a very good exchange !!! Love x

  5. So you are one fq in credit and your quilt is looking fab. A win win situation! I sometimes envy some of those American bloggers who so casually drop in comments like '...and then I dropped off my latest six tops with my long-armer...' :)

  6. Great quilt, they're such alot of work aren't they, but soooo worth it. I've still only made the one, but seem to spend most of my time looking at other peoples quilts and picking up hints on the way here in blogland.

  7. ROFL, love your exchange rate!


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