Thursday 17 May 2012

Monday makings and Windsor Wednesdays

Busy week, this one:  Lessons on Monday and Wednesday, and Friday and Saturday!  If they all go as smoothly as the first two I'll be delighted.

As usual the pictures are available in more details, with some words, on the Fun With Fabric blog, they they are just for me to show off what I can inspire people to create (LOL, or what they can do perfectly well without my help!) . . .

Monday at Broom Farm

And Wednesday in Windsor with the A to Z project (not a very catchy name, but it is what it says on the tin)

If you go to the other blog, have a really good look at the stitching on the J block.  I'm not sure if N is 7 or 8, but fantastically neat stitches.

There is a website where we can make a kind of mosaic, but it's like a design wall, so you can put pics of blocks as they've been made, to get an idea how the whole patchwork will look - does anyone have any idea of it's name?  I'm thinking blue frog, or green cow, something like that?  But Mr Google cant help me, so I hope someone else can


  1. Looks good - not au fait with the website you are searching for, sorry x

  2. Looks like fun - was it Mosaic Maker you were thinking of?

  3. what busy people you are helping! All looks like good fun! But what about the 'affair' blog that was promised when I clicked to come over to your blog? Maybe you've decided not to publish after all!


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