Saturday 5 May 2012

Kitchen Kapers

Not a stitch, or a thread, or a FQ in sight, but here is my new love.  Black, pretty, and oh so shiny, meet my Rangemaster 110 Classic:

 And proof that I cook (very occasionally)

With raw, fresh ingredients, even if I don't have a whole or complete kitchen.

We have bought the sink and the taps, and think we have found a work surface we both like: but the shop was closing so we haven't spoken to a salesman yet


  1. 3 days without a kitchen when mine was replaced nearly killed me, I so couldn't be doing with going through all that faff with yours. I do like the new range though!

  2. I shall look forward to all the recipes coming from your new shiny cooker! Is that hubby I spy?

  3. First I want to thank you for your kind words on my blog.
    On your question with the price, I can only say that the e-book , not the finished stitched pocket,costs 4,50 €.
    1:12 miniatures I have unfortunately not for sale.

    LG Alexandra

  4. I love your new baby, so shiny!! Enjoy playing with it.

  5. Cool! (or should that be 'Hot!' ?). Glad that good progress is being made for the culinary arts!

  6. Ooooh Rangemaster... sooo cool. Sold them for 6 years and never had anyone complain about them. And people will complain about anything.... lol


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